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5 Essential SEO Tips for Beginners

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Are you new to search engine optimization (SEO)?

Take note of these 5 essential SEO tips for search engine optimization beginners.

Following these 5 SEO tips closely in all of your digital content production will greatly improve your website’s positioning in the universal organic search results which included embedded website media attachments such as images and hosted videos.

These five simple steps will aid your SEO plans and are effective over time throughout any and all Google algorithm updates.

They stand the test of time and are fundamental cornerstones for search engine optimizers.

SEO Tips for beginners

  1. Use Keyword research tools to conduct proper keyword research to become the foundation of your on page search engine optimization.
  2. Add lots of images to your pages.
  3. Make use of Heading tags for different sections of page content including targeted keywords.
  4. Daily share your new content and refresh old content across social media sites using targeted # hashtag keywords in your posts .
  5. Use SEO plugins such as Yoast or RankMath to help optimize your website’s content for search engine optimization fundamentals.
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My name is Benjamin Ogden I’ve been long time SEO specialist having started working in search optimization in the early 2000’s. To put that in perspective, Google was also just getting started around that time so it was still the early days of the internet when I began my career as an SEO in 2001.

Have been a search engine optimizer working full-time/over-time for more than twenty years on the internet I’ve mastered the art of optimizing an organic search footprint and have a great deal of knowledge to share with my readers.

On I share my years of experience keeping pace with SE updates and provide local & enterprise SEO & digital marketing services.

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